WWE Superstars 9/11/15[Episode 335] Review

“I’ll get back up cuz’ my whole life I’ve been lost and now I’m found…IT’S A DAWN OF A NEW DAY(ROCKS), IT’S A DAWN OF A NEW DAY COMING!”

Hello ladies and gents, welcome to my website and welcome to this WWE Superstars review! I am not sure as to why I am covering this episode, but I bet you are also not sure why you are reading a review of this episode. We’re both confused! That means we’re both screwed!

This may or may not be a weekly ordeal for me. I was literally just on the website and WWE Network at the same time and a WWE Superstars review came to mind.
Let me give you a bit of background and explain to you how little WWE Superstars effects my life now. A couple years ago, I was a young kid, and I remember being hyped for the very first episode of WWE Superstars. I was waiting with anticipation until I got in trouble for something and my mother told me I wouldn’t be able to watch the episode. Young me was very upset and could cry because I was missing the episode. I did not cry, I COULD. I didn’t cry because that’s some gay shit, BUT the point is that it was a huge deal for me. 334 episodes later, less than 10 episodes watched, now I’m here reviewing the show just because it was a random thought for me. So, let’s begin!


Yes! Bo Dallas, man. He is simply incredible. I was going to type a sentence about my love of Bo Dallas and also my sadness because The New Day isn’t involved until…… XAVIER WOODS STARTS TALKING ON COMMENTARY!
New Day Member + Bo Dallas = Good episode so far

Not many thoughts on this match as it only lasted less than 5 minutes. See Bo and hearing Woods makes this match a must-watch either way. BOLIEVE!
Winner: Neville via 450 Splash(not Red Arrow because fuck Superstars, but a 450)


My man Cody is still doing this Stardust gimmick… damn. Damn, damn, damn. Get the paint off him, bring back Cody, and give him the Intercontinental title again. Remember his 2011-2012 run? Man, that was a pretty good title reign.

Stardust brings The Ascension into his light room and talked about Jack Swagger.
Didn’t care for this promo until he mentioned Swagger.


I’m unaware how long this has been going on for, but they bill Stardust as coming from the “Fifth Dimension.” That’s a little rad. Not very rad, but a little.

Jack Swagger’s music hits and he actually gets a pop! The dude is still over. It’s a real shame they didn’t do anything with him after SummerSlam 2014.

When Jack Swagger returned in 2013 before WrestleMania with Zeb Colter, he was over. He was one of the biggest heels in the company until he got caught with that good kush. Is that what the kids say? Anyways, fast forward to a year later after SummerSlam ’14 and he’s over yet again and you don’t push him? I’m not saying lay the WWE World Heavyweight title on him(you could, I’d agree to it), but at least give the guy an I.C or U.S title run. The man is over and he’s good in the ring. Why not push him?

I have to say, these two kinda killed it in this match. I was very entertained by this match and the two guys gave it pretty much their all. This was a good match. I highly recommend it if you have some free time.
Winner: Stardust via Creed’s Crossbow


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