Analyzing AaronlovesWWEandTNA’s YWC Rant

Are you motherfuckers ready?

Hi! It’s YA BOY, Ryan motherfucking Davis and I’m here on the NEWLY LAUNCHED Kings of Wrestling Empire website to write about the current video that has caused a huge stir in the bowl that is the YouTube Wrestling Community. In this article, I will be breaking down and discussing my thoughts on “AaronlovesWWEandTNA’s” rant on the YWC, its backlash, and the YWC as a whole.

Before I begin, you may be reading this and have 2 questions:

  1. Who is this guy and what place does he have to talk about this subject?
  2. Why is this written?

Well person, I will answer those before I start:

  1. My name is Ryan Davis. I am a pro wrestling podcaster who has been in podcasting since 2011. Then, I was on a 3-man podcast, “Saviors of Wrestling” that was exclusive to YouTube. In late 2013, there was an argument between us 3 and one of the other hosts went on our channel, deleted EVERYTHING, changed the password, and changed it to a personal account. Before the deletion, we had 22,000 subscribers. Then, all of it was just gone. Everything I did on a weekly basis just vanished. Any following I had was gone at a snap of a finger(push of a button actually). Then in mid-July 2014, I decided to go solo and do my own podcast which was also available on YouTube. I went all the way up to March 2015, gaining another audience, until a crappy website with a childish owner forced me to end it, that audience was gone as well. Now here in September 2015, I started KOW Empire and host ‘Ryan Davis’ Show’ both are small, but I’m trying my hardest to grow them. Don’t forget I gave you all this backstory because it will come up later in this article.
  2. It’s written because I don’t want to put up a YouTube video because I pretty much hate YouTube at this point, including the YouTube Wrestling Community(we’ll also get to that later) and I’m not doing a podcast and putting it on my feeds because nobody who follows my podcast cares about drama on YouTube.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s begin!

This entire thing started on September 11(this date isn’t too popular for good things, is it?) when “AaronlovesWWEandTNA” uploaded a video to his channel.

Alright, let me break this down.

He starts the video off very, very bitter towards the fact that he does not get the views and subscribers that he believes he should have. To a certain point, I am behind him. I think anybody who makes any type of content thinks they should get more attention than they get, but let’s look at a guy like me. I got screwed over twice and am currently trying to get a fraction of the audience that I once had a couple years ago, but do I come on and bitch and complain about it? No, I don’t, you know what I do? I bust my ass every day trying to improve to get to that level. That’s what Aaron needs to do. If he isn’t getting the attention that he so desperately wants, do something about it. Change something that you’re doing, do a new project, new channel direction, etc because the current one obviously isn’t working.

Another thing, just because you do weekly videos doesn’t mean you deserve more views and subscribers. TNA puts out weekly content, but it’s still shit. I often wonder why they even have the audience they have, let alone thinking they should have more because they do a weekly show.

One of the main focuses of this video is he doesn’t have the number of subscribers or views that he thinks he deserves. Here’s a small quote from good friend of mine as well as KOW writer, Richard Harris a.k.a TheMillionDollarMark on the subject:

It comes off as attention whorish to me. If he’s only in the YWC for views, he’s in the wrong place.

This sums up most of his video. The reason someone puts a ton of effort into something(which Aaron claims he does) should be because they want to before anything else. Before the views, before the subscribers, anything. If you’re on YouTube and want to talk about wrestling, do it because you want to and because you’re having fun doing it. Why would you care so much about subscribers and views? In addition, I also think views and subscribers are bullshit as well. If you want to make videos and have an audience, if you’re going to be upset about anything, be upset about the comment section on your videos. If you’re doing YouTube because you enjoy it and you want to talk wrestling, focus on the interaction on your channel. Him focusing on views and subscribers makes him come off like a bit of a jackass to me, like he’s just in it for the attention and not because he enjoys it.

He is right about one thing. Nowadays, whenever someone gets noticed in the YWC, it’s because of some type of drama. That is the truth. The YouTube Wrestling Community is rarely not centered around some type of drama anymore that it’s ridiculous at this point.

Look at a channel like “InTheRopesShow” they’ve only been on YouTube a little over a year and they’re going to reach 1,000 subscribers, you want to know why? Because they don’t focus on subscribers or views, what they focus on is having fun and talking wrestling. People see that and they cling onto that, giving ITRS an audience.

Now, let’s move on to some of the response videos that have been put up about Aaron’s rant.

My feeling on this video is very weird. She starts off strong saying she does videos because it’s her passion and that’s what Aaron seems to lack, passion. All he seems to be in it for is the subscribers and the views.

She brings up how Aaron said she only has her subscribers because she’s a girl. Angie says this isn’t true. I, however, do agree with Aaron and believe most of her subscribers are just there because she’s a girl. A hot girl gets subscribers. Sorry if you’re a girl reading this and disagree, but it’s true. It’s the same as a girl talking with some guys, says a joke, the guys laugh the hardest they’ve ever laughed in their life, and the girl thinks it’s because she’s funny. NO! It’s because she’s a hot girl, it’s the truth. Now, I’m not saying all of Angie’s subs are like that, but I guarantee you the majority are. While I believe this is true, I once again went to Richard Harris and asked his thoughts on if she has her subscribers because she’s a girl:

Meh. Not entirely. I may not like her videos but I can see why others would. She does bring a different flavor

There’s a different opinion than my own. So, I guess it’s all just a matter of what you personally believe. But, her being a girl and getting subscribers because of it shouldn’t fucking matter to Aaron. He should be focusing on himself. If Aaron were a hot girl, I bet he wouldn’t be complaining about being a hot girl that gets subscribers because he’s a hot girl, he’s going to take advantage of it.

Moving on, Angie comes back EVEN STRONGER and goes on to say how views are actual people who live different lives and such and they’re spending time watching Aaron’s videos, and he’s taking that for granted, he’s just looking at the people as numbers. Excellent point made by her there.

She also brought up WrestlingJesus and how he’s great and stuff. Didn’t they have some back and forth like a month ago? Whatevs.

Lastly, HeelSteven did a live-stream with Chase Oliver and OooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookayFabe and talked about this Aaron subject in detail. There’s not much to analyze on it, but it’s a great listen, so watch it.

I just want to say that if you’re doing YouTube and talking about wrestling, you shouldn’t care about your views or subscribers, and you shouldn’t make a video and bitch about it because now it makes you a pathetic crybaby. Change up your style, bud, get some personality in your voice and seem excited to talk about something, and have fun. Stop fucking worrying about success.

“Stop fucking worrying about success.” -De-motivational speaker, Ryan Davis.

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