The Logic Of A Daniel Bryan Fanboy/Daniel Bryan’s Road To The WHC/IC Title And Road To Injuries

First of all, sorry for my lack of content this week, ladies and gents, shit happens, and shit gets delayed.

Second of all, WHAT IS UP LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Dylan “The Face Of KOW” Osborn coming at you with a post about something that has bugged me for almost TWO years now. Daniel Bryan fanboys. I would also like to talk about Bryan’s run to to the WHC and IC titles and how they could have been better/not happened at all. Now before I get any further into this, I am a Daniel Bryan fan, and I think he’s very talented and I am missing him from our screens, especially with how most of the roster (Especially the Divas) are working right now. But what’s been fucking me off is some his “fans” who have made flat out stupid remarks and think Daniel Bryan is entitled to everything and anything on WWE at the moment (Yes while he’s injured)

We’ll start off with his build to Wrestlemania XXX AKA 30 AKA lol sex AKA DAT Streak Doe. AHEM Which started, lets say, Summerslam 2013. He’s just beat Cena clean for the world title, everything is awesome and Ortons music it’s cash in time, HHH what are you doing? Paul… STOP! And in one foul swoop, Orton is now champion and labelled “The face of the WWE” (Not as good as face of KOW, but it’s ok Orton) During the next few months Daniel Bryan is labelled as a “B+ player” with things like his height and weight coming into play as an example of why he’s apparently at that level in the eyes of the authority. At this point, it’s pretty clear Bryan will get his revenge somewhere down the line against Orton, but in between all this he has a pretty meh story line with the Wyatt Family and in terms of PPVs, didn’t exactly rack up a lot of wins along the road to Wrestlemania 30. This is where for me the first seeds of; this isn’t going to be a legit build got to me. As much as an underdog story is nice to rally behind, having the guy you want to push as the TOP GUY in company, lose several PPVs and his only win coming by DQ, is not the way to legitimately push a world champion contender.

Now some of these loses are attributed to The Authority interfering and what not which is fine, but his other loses and again ONE DQ WIN, don’t really give Bryan any leverage. Plus his confusing side plot with the Wyatts didn’t go anywhere and it almost un-legitimatized Bryan in the process. Now, the 2014 Royal Rumble is where the fanboys come into play. Daniel Bryan loses the MOTN to Bray Wyatt and in the post match, gets the shit kicked out of him. Pretty telling the fans “Your boy Bryan isn’t going to be in the Rumble, soz.” But because Daniel Bryan isn’t called John Cena, people think he should magically recover from this, and be in the Rumble and win the Rumble. Number 30 hits, and Rey Mysterio becomes the number 1 heel in WWE and broke his knee (again) in the process. Now unlike this years Rumble (We’ll get to that) I some what understand why fans were upset that Bryan wasn’t in the Rumble, although even then I was like “He got fucked, of course he’s not going to be here.” Also how the WWE handled Batista’s return was… well… shit, which didn’t help as Batista went on to be the number 2 heel in WWE instead of the face WWE were hoping for. Leading up to Elimination Chamber, Bryan is able to snag himself a spot in the chamber by winning a tag match (The DQ finish mentioned earlier) which makes fans think “Right, enough build, give us the good stuff” But of course, Bryan decides to attack Kane instead of pinning Orton, and Orton win LOL. At this point all the fans are having a complete FIT about this, as of course back then, everyone legitimately hated Orton and thought he was a boring champion (Funny how they cheer him now) and with WM 30 looking to be “Heel vs Heel” and with the streak ending (spoiler) that night as well, fans would riot. So WWE had to be quick and decided to have Bryan fight two match on the Mania card, one against HHH to decide who would be the third man in the main event, and of course the main event in which Bryan (spoiler) won both matches an became World Heavyweight Champion.

Now so far in this whole story, the build between Chamber and Mania was the best part of this entire feud, as there was legitimate build and tension, not just the same old, authority screws Bryan. Although the result was predictable considering Bryan’s situation, it still produced a feel good moment for all the fans including myself, even though it had long over stayed it’s welcome after so many PPV loses. So Bryan is champion, fans are happy, time for that long title reign right? Best Dean Ambrose Impression Nope. Bryan defended the title on one PPV (Extreme Rules) in a decent-good match against Kane. Then got injured, but still held on to the title until Money In The Bank meaning he didn’t defend it on TWO PPVs before finally vacating the title. See boys and girls, it’s ok for Daniel Bryan to hold onto the title for a few months without defending it/straight up dropping it, but god forbid Brock Lesnar or Nikki Bella do the same right? This is were the first bit of double standards come in from the Bryan fanboys, who shit on wrestlers doing one thing, but their little hero is allowed to do it, cause… reasons.

So for the rest of the year (About 7 months) Bryan doesn’t wrestle so he can recover, obviously. Now here’s when the next bit of dumb fanboy logic comes into play. The god damn superstar of the year award crisis. Long story short, Roman Reigns wins the award with outrage from pretty much everyone in the WWE universe as a majority thought Daniel Bryan should have won that award, despite winning a total of TWO PPVs matches and not wrestling for a total of nearly 8 months that year. Now even though yes, Reigns should NOT have won that award, Daniel Bryan in now way, shape or form, deserved it either, I’m sorry, in fact , fuck you, I’m not, a guy now matter how talented, does not deserve an award like that, wrestling only 4 months in a calendar year. This also started the trend of people saying “Fuck Reigns he’s being shoved down our throats.” Which lasted, oh, until Wrestlemania 31 when he lost in the main event (spoiler)

So we put 2014 behind us, 2015 begins, and we shall start with… sigh The Royal fucking Rumble. My god. Now I hadn’t up until this point questioned a Bryan fanboy’s intelligence, but this is were I have to. Daniel Bryan is coming fresh off an injury, sure he’s had one or two matches prior to the Rumble, but in a sane world, what should people think Bryan’s role in the Rumble would be? “Well he’s coming off injury so he’ll probably be in there 20 minutes or so just to test the waters, he’ll clearly not win.” Now this is what a Daniel Bryan fanboy thinks will happen. “Well he’s Daniel Bryan and he’s the best, so he’ll clearly win the Rumble and become champion again even though he’s coming off injury.” Now before people try and deny that, did you guys see the fucking reaction when Bryan got eliminated? Everyone but EVERYONE blew up calling bullshit… guys, are you for real? HE WAS COMING BACK FROM INJURY WHAT DID YOU FUCKING EXPECT!?!?!?!

So yeah Bryan gets eliminated and everyone becomes number 1 heel in the WWE. With Satan himself Roman Reigns winning and going on to Wrestlemania 31. This was really the first big push for Reigns, but of course, cause Bryan didn’t win, it was “Shoving him down our throats we want Bryan!” With fans salty as heck over this, the WWE try to appease this, by having the main event of Fast Lane, be between Bryan and Reigns for Reign’s spot at Mania. Now of course, logic tells that, Bryan is still in a rocky situation, and shouldn’t be main eventing any time soon, so we’ll have a good match to put Reigns over with the crowd somewhat showing that he is better than Bryan at the moment. LOL of course that didn’t happen, despite a good contest and even a handshake at the end, people still despised Roman, and wanted Bryan. As was I, the WWE were getting pretty sick of this shit by now, and decided to throw the fanboys a bone, and give their boy Bryan a title, the IC title, and what match type would Bryan win it in? A ladder match. Yup, 4 months back from injury, ladder match. Next, Daniel Bryan injures himself before he can even defend the title ONCE, then vacates the title and has remained injured to this day. Well fans, you got what you wanted, and look what happened. The Anti Christ went on to lose to Lesnar thanks to a Rollins cash in, and now, a few months later, people are actually complaining about how quickly Reigns has slipped from the main even scene Facepalm

So in between Rumble and Payback (Not including Extreme Rules) Reigns had in total 2 World title matches and honestly in terms of singles, was the only major push he got. But in the eyes of Bryan fanboys, was “Shoved down our throats” Even though a year or so prior, between SummerSlam 2013 and Wrestlemania 30, it was pretty much all Daniel Bryan getting some sort of semi main to main event story line/title oppurtunity, and that was ok, because… it’s Daniel Bryan. Sarcastic Slow Clap well down fanboys, you have perfected the art, of being a hypocrite. Now some people will try and say “It wasn’t all because of Daniel Bryan, he’s not talented” Bull fucking shit, this ALL started because Bryan didn’t win a fucking WWE award but Roman did, you then go on to hate the guy despite him having great matches in pretty much every PPV this year besides Rumble and Extreme Rules. Sure is mic skills aren’t perfect but shit, neither are Orton’s yet he’s still cheered, Ziggler’s mic skills are meh at the best of times, still loved. Shit Lesnar’s are so bad he needs a fucking mouth piece called Paul Heyman, yet still top baby face in the company, Cesaro, Sting. Need I go on? No, this was all a bunch of sour grapes over a dumb as fuck “Superstar of the year” Award that neither man should have won anyway, turned into blind fanboy rage just because you didn’t get what you want, on top of that, you pretty much hijack the fucking Royal Rumble, which not only shows how childish you are, but shows your complete lack of respect towards all the other superstars who bust their ass to compete in that ring. Your reaction simply put was “Daniel Bryan didn’t win, I don’t care anymore.” Which is a pathetic view to have when looking at the talent in WWE.

To top this whole thing off, I left a little comment on a ‘Wrestling With Wregret’ video about Daniel Bryan, in which I talk about this topic but in about a ¬†paragraph or so. This spawned into a bit of a comment war against a Daniel Bryan fanboy who flat out said “If a superstar you liked wasn’t being pushed, you’d hijack show, and don’t say you wouldn’t.” He also goes on to use shit examples of wrestlers we liked being held back in favor of others (Stone Cold and Rock being held back for Shawn Micheals, who put Austin over and Mani 14 then left, while Rock was in the mid card at the time, great example) I can’t go into much detail here so i’ll leave the video link and you can check the comment fee for yourself, look for the user name “KOWDylanOsborn” My man MDM (Million Dollar Mark) even chimes in as well.

Daniel Bryan WWW Video:

So TL;DR, Daniel Bryan’s WHC build was clunky and didn’t pay off, his IC run should NOT have happened, and the hate Reigns got at the start of this year was 90%-100% because of blind fanboy rage and 5%-0% of his “lack of talent” and “mic skills”

This has been Dylan Osbornand stay tuned for Raw Rewind and The Shoot Wrestling Podcast Revival right here on the Kings of Wrestling Podcast Network.

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