Richard Harris Addresses American Alucard

Now it’s not really my thing to call out wrestling fans online, at least that’s what I’ve been trying to scale back on, but this is one of those times where a wrestling fan is so idiotic, so childish, so delusional, so immature, so fucking inept that it makes you wanna punch the screen every time he spews his bullshit beliefs. In case you’re wondering his name is American Alucard AKA GuyOnInternetWhoDoesntLieForViews(LOL) AKA a 10 year old in a 20 year old’s body. I have literally NEVER dealt with a wrestling fan THIS bad before. But let me take you guys to when this shit started so you understand why I’m making this article.

So Ryan Davis decided to post an article a couple days ago on the site about a YWC member bitching for views and subs (you can read it in full here on the site) and basically there was a portion of the article when he said:

“Another thing, just because you do weekly videos doesn’t mean you deserve more views and subscribers, TNA puts out weekly content but it’s still shit. I often wonder why they even have the audience they have let alone thinking they should have more because they do a weekly show”

This is what Ryan tends to do. He likes to joke about things he doesn’t like, which is perfectly fine. Me personally I had a good laugh at the TNA joke he made. Hell I’ve seen him put down TNA wrestler Bram who was one of my favorite current wrestlers. Ryan doesn’t like him which is perfectly fine. You don’t see me bitching and moaning about it, I may tell him I disagree but that’s about it. He hates something I liked, but the world still turns.

Anyways, after the article went up, YouTube personality “HEELSTEVEN” shared it on his Facebook profile, and it was at that point where Alucard showed up. He had nothing to say about the article or Aaron or the website or any of that. He calls Ryan a “scumbag” all because he made fun of TNA in the article………yeah really. Mind you this guy is actually older than Ryan, he looks to be in his mid 20’s and yet he chooses to act like this much of a juvenile. He then continued on with stupid statement after stupid statement

“Vince Mcmahon has you brainwashed” Mind you he has no clue who Ryan is, and he’s already assuming shit, also prefering WWE over TNA doesn’t mean brainwashing, it’s brainwashing if we defend WWE no matter what they do. Ryan doesn’t do that, and I sure as HELL don’t do that.

“You have to be stupid for thinking RAW was better than TNA” YEAH! Fuck free will. Ryan may not watch TNA but I have been watching them for a month now, and I can easily say the product is pretty dull right now. The wrestling is good, but the storylines suck, the characters suck for the most part, the booking sucks, basically everything else sucks except the wrestling. But good in ring action isn’t the only factor to a successful wrestling product. If it did ROH would be the top company right now but it’s not so…………………

“You’re WWE fanboys because you don’t review TNA, ROH, NJPW, etc” A fanboy is someone who loves something so much that they attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Not someone who watches a company and criticizes it. I could sit here and say Foolkiller99’s a TNA fanboy because he doesn’t review WWE, but that sounds fucking stupid doesn’t it? I thought so

“Your website needs to do reviews of other companies” Um…..says who? Are you the one who runs the site? No you’re an internet mark who goes around having cockfights with other wrestling fans. Truly you have a credible opinion.

He kept chastising Ryan for not watching TNA and all he did was make all these big ass assumptions when he knows jack shit about Ryan or any of his content, Grade A hypocrisy right there.

Look you’re not a fanboy all because you watch one company. 99% of wrestling fans on here grew up with WWE let’s be real. Some people prefer WWE’s content and there ain’t jack shit you can do about it. Period.

“You won’t give other companies a fair shake” Yeah let’s forget all the times Ryan’s reviewed ROH and I’ve praised Lucha Underground as well. And Ryan’s got the HUGE ass KOW archive to prove him wrong. And I’m a pretty well documented Lucha Underground mark and that company ain’t owned by Vince. Argument invalid.

This guy claims to be king shit because he watches indy wrestling saying things like “There’s no excuse to not watch indy wrestling” Yes there is you piece of shit. It’s called free will, it’s called freedom of speech look into it

I’m sorry but this shit makes my blood boil every time. He constantly brags about reviewing indy shows like it’s some big ass accomplishment when all he did was look up a wrestling program on the internet………his mother must be very proud

Never have I seen a grown ass man worry THIS much about what other people watch online. People like him make this community a fucking drag imo. They don’t wanna have fun or anything like that, they want to put fucking rules on everything and try to make this community a job not a hobby. People will do what the fuck they want. There ain’t shit you can do about that and that’s just cold hard facts.

So many people wanna whine and cry and bitch and moan about someone’s different opinion and it makes me laugh. When I talk shit about TNA I just know people like him are right there getting pissed, all the reason to do it.
Just because you track down indies doesn’t make you worth anything. And you fucking WONDER why people don’t watch companies like ROH or PWG because you dickheads don’t openly welcome people to watch the product you force it in people’s faces. And this is where my hatred for TNA fans come from. Not all of them but a lot of them are some of the biggest pile of fucking cunts I’ve ever seen online. And until they learn to act like they have some fucking sense, they will remain a laughing stock.

Let me close out with an answer to Alucard’s last post he left in the argument

“Will there be any NJPW ROH etc reviews?” Yes there will……when you make them.

Thank You. Fuck you. Bye

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