WWE Monday Night RAW (September 14) Highlights and Review

Event: WWE Monday Night Raw

Date: September 14, 2015

Memphis, Tennessee

We’re only 6 days away from Night of Champions! The show in which 3 TNA Hall of Famers(lol) get title matches, but let’s not focus on Night of Champions entirely because this episode of RAW has some things to watch out for as well. Announced before this episode was Nikki Bella vs Charlotte for the Diiiiiiiiiva’s title(I miss you, Justin Roberts), Prime Time Players vs New Day for the Tag Team titles, and Sting being LIVE on the show.

| New Season, Old Format |

It’s the SEASON PREMIERE of Raw, what should we do? Oh, I got it, let’s have The Authority start it off with a 20 minute promo like all other Raw episodes to not make it feel special at all. Maybe they should’ve started with a match like they did last season premiere.

The Authority come out and they show off the “Connor’s Cure” banner on the ramp. I still don’t understand why people say Stephanie and Aitch shouldn’t promote that as they are heels. Yes, they are heels, but heels are people, too. The Authority can be heels and fuck people over and can hate cancer at the same time. Not all heels need to be a psychotic asshole.

I noticed that Triple H walks on the left side of Stephanie and has his arm in front. That’s how I hold my girlfriend’s hand and stand. So, basically, I am Triple H. You want more proof? I REFUSE to put over the rest of the KOW staff here on the website, just ask them. I am Triple H. He is I. We are “The Game.”

Middle rope is yellow, presumably for the Connor’s Cure. So when are we getting Connor’s Cure vs Susan Foundation at Starrcade for the middle rope?

Aitch goes on and on about Seth Rollins vs Sting for a while and how Rollins has a chance to cement his legacy this Sunday. They soon bring out The New Day for their match.

Verdict: Thumbs in the middle

Should You Watch: No

| Prime Time Players vs The New Day(c) – WWE Tag Team Championship Match |

This is bad… not that New Day is on my screen because that’s awesome, but that they’re getting over as faces, that is bad.

Prime Time Players were better with Abraham Washington. That’s the only thing about them I want to say.

The beginning of the match was solid. Not the best, but not the worst either. The highlight of this first part is Kofi Kingston doing the Titus “bark.” This match is worth your time just for that.

Xavier Woods is GOD. I said this on Twitter a while back(which you can follow me @RyanDavisSpeaks) that if Woods continues to be a manager and gets better and better as time goes on, he could be this era’s Bobby Heenan. That’s how highly I put this guy, he is that damn good.


Winners via being amazing: The New Day

The Bloody Dudleyz(I trademark it, you marks) come onto the stage making sure New Day doesn’t forget about them. Nothing much to note as it was a basic stare-off. Well, one thing to note, they had the nameplate appear for the Dudleyz which was a bit weird as I haven’t seen that before when someone comes onto the stage.

Verdict: Thumbs Up

Should You Watch: Yes

FLAIR & Son(well, daughter) are in an interview! Charlotte wasn’t very good, wasn’t very good at all. Want to hear a blatant scripted promo? Listen to Charlotte talk in this segment.. God. But RIC! Ric went a bit overboard when putting over the Diva’s Revolution and such, but it’s Ric Flair, so it was great.

They end it off with individual WOOO’s and then a simultaneous WOOO. Good stuff, except Charlotte.

Verdict: Thumbs in the middle(because of Charlotte)

Should You Watch: Yes(because of Ric)

| Paige vs Sasha Banks |

Disappointing. Paige was sloppy during this. Sasha tried her best.

Winner via being a boss: Sasha Banks

Verdict: Thumbs Down

Should You Watch: No

| Miz TV with guests, The Wyatt Family |

It’s Miz TV with MY BOY, The Miz! Oh, and The Wyatt Family.

Bray and Miz were good in this. The thing to take away from this entire segment is that Miz is awesome and Bray wants everybody to suffer.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose came out and entered the ring. Miz was super excited until Ambrose kicked him in the gut and threw him out of the ring. That confuses me. Reigns and Ambrose have been doing heelish tactics for the last couple of weeks when they are babyfaces, it’s weird.

Reigns cuts a promo about Bray Wyatt not being the man he thinks he is and reveals that they have a partner for Night of Champions. It has to be Samoa Joe, right? He’s not doing much in NXT now that Kevin Owens is gone.

Verdict: Thumbs in the middle

Should You Watch: I don’t know. It depends on if you like Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns promos.

| Ryback and Kevin Owens’ ‘Secret’ |

Ryback and Kevin Owens exchange words about a book called ‘The Secret’ and Kevin says anyone who reads it is weak. Ryback went on and on and on about how he made it to the top then fell.

Owens says that whenever he gets a shot at the Intercontinental title, he’s going to show everyone Ryback is just a weak little boy. Ryback coincidentally talked to The Authority and already had the match set up for Night of Champions. I guess nobody in the back cared to tell Kevin Owens about this…

Verdict: Thumbs in the middle

Should You Watch It: Yes(Although the Ryback promo trying to be inspirational isn’t good, his interaction with Kevin is entertaining)

| Nikki Bella(c) vs Charlotte – Diva’s Championship Match |

The match had a lot of potential. Not match of the year or anything, but a good match. The only thing that didn’t make this a good match is that it was very sloppy.

This match ended with yet another screwy finish as Brie took the place of Nikki and lost to Charlotte. Stephanie came out and said it was a DQ and therefore Nikki was still champion. I personally enjoyed this because I’m not much of a fan of Charlotte.  She isn’t too good on-mic and she doesn’t have much of a character. Her character is “I’m Ric Flair’s daughter” and that shouldn’t be your gimmick, it should be your backstory.

Winner via fuck you, AJ Lee fans: Charlotte

Verdict: Thumbs in the middle

Should You Watch: No

| Rusev vs Cesaro |

This was a good match, I enjoyed it a lot. A nice, solid match between two good wrestlers.

While those two were going at it, Ziggles came out and tried to give Summer Rae a present. This distracted Rusev and allowed Cesaro to pin Rusev for the win. Afterward, Ziggler hit a superkick on Rusev. Summer hid the present from Rusev as they head towards the back.

Winner via distraction fuckery: Cesaro

Verdict: Thumbs Up

Should You Watch: Yes

| STING vs Big Show |

STING did pretty good in this match. It was slow and steady which helped him a ton when he’s in there with Big Show.

The match didn’t go on too long until Rollins came out and interfered. Show and Rollins beat Sting down and John Cena came out. STING and Cena cleared the ring and the inevitable happened… holla holla.

Winner via another interference: STING

Verdict: Thumbs Down

Should You Watch It: Yes(because it’s Sting competing on Raw)

| STING and John Cena vs Seth Rollins and Big Show |

This was a pretty bland, standard tag team match with John Cena in the ring for his team most of it.

Sting came in at the final moments of the match and made Rollins tap out with the Scorpion Deathlock.

Winners via a pretty crappy Sharpshooter: STING and AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA

Verdict: Thumbs in the middle

Should You Watch: Yes(because it’s Sting competing on Raw)

Final Verdict: Thumbs in the middle

Should You Watch This Show: Yes

Final Statement: This episode was dull at times, but Cesaro vs Rusev, the Ryback-Owens segment, The New Day, Nikki vs Charlotte for the most part, Sting competing on Raw for the first time, and even Sheamus vs Cena is pretty entertaining and not a bad choice if you have some free time this week. 

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