WWE Night of Champions 2015 Predictions

It’s the one night of the year in which WWE guarantees every championship is on the line. Seth Rollins, Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Nikki Bella will put their titles on the line, who will walk out with the championships? We will discuss our thoughts on each match and give our predictions here on King of Wrestling Empire’s WWE Night of Champions 2015 Preview!


Dylan Osborn: KOW Empire article writer; Host of KOW’s “RAW Rewind” and “The Shoot Wrestling Podcast: Revival” Twitter: @KOWDylanOsborn

Ryan Davis: President and creator of Kings of Wrestling Empire. Twitter: @RyanDavisSpeaks

| Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev |

Dylan Osborn: Build for this match has been meh at best, the story surrounding this feud has been pure stupidity with this love square, but the actual matches have been at least watchable.

Dylan’s Prediction: Rusev

Interested: Somewhat

Ryan Davis: This is one of those storylines that go on too long. I was interested in this at first, but now it’s whatever to me. Even more so that Rusev and Ziggler had a singles match on Raw just a couple weeks ago and Lana suffered an injury that turned this from a Mixed Tag Team Match to a Singles Match which we’ve already see multiple times.

Ryan’s Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

Interested: No

| The New Day(Kofi Kingston & Big E)(c) vs The Dudley Boyz – WWE Tag Team Championships |

Dylan Osborn: Build has been good with the exciting return of the Dudleyz and the great act from The New Day. Weird to see PTP be bumped back from the title picture so soon so it would be nice to see them get involved somehow.

Dylan’s Prediction: The Dudley Boyz

Interested: Yes

Ryan Davis: One of the rare times when I’m excited for a tag team match nowadays. With The Dudley Boyz, whom I like to call “The Bloody Dudleyz” returning to WWE and The New Day being almost the only thing worth watching anymore, this is sure to be one of the most interesting matches on the show.

Ryan’s Prediction: The New Day

Interested: Yes

| Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and TBA vs The Wyatt Family |

Dylan Osborn: Build has been getting better as this rivalry has gone on, starting with Reigns and Bray. Right now it looks to be just continuous adding of partners until the new Wyatt Family and New Shield are reformed. In terms of partners, not entirely sure who they could pull out but with Owens busy with Ryback, my prediction is Cesaro being the 3rd member.

Dylan’s Prediction: The Wyatt Family

Interested: Yes

Ryan Davis: I feel sorry for Dean, I really do. He deserves so much better, but no, we’re just going to have him revolve around Bray Wyatt for a year. I’m sure it’ll be a cool little match, but I’m not hyped going into it. As for the mystery partner, I’m jumping on the bandwagon of Samoa Joe. Joe isn’t doing much in NXT now that Kevin Owens is gone and Reigns said The Wyatt Family will pay for beating down his family(Jimmy Uso). What better way to make them pay then bring in another Samoan named Joe?

Ryan’s Prediction: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and TBA

Interested: Somewhat

| Nikki Bella(c) vs Charlotte – WWE Diva’s Championship |

Dylan Osborn: Build has been dead for a while which is a shame considering the talent involved, this “Revolution” is only now including the damn title. Pretty poor considering these 2 already had the match on RAW, wish they’d added a member from team B.A.D.

Dylan’s Prediction: Nikki Bella

Interested: No

Ryan Davis: We just saw this match on Raw, why again? If Charlotte wins now, it doesn’t add onto anything, it might even take away from the moment as we had it on Monday before Stephanie showed up and if Nikki wins, Charlotte, the rookie who just came up to start this “revolution,” doesn’t gain the title in 2 attempts.

Ryan’s Prediction: Nikki Bella

Interested: No

| Kevin Owens vs Ryback(c) – Intercontinental Championship|

Dylan Osborn: Pretty sudden build but last week’s RAW Kevin looked he was up to something and this week he put up the challenge. Less of the cowardly run away Owens WWE have been throwing out, and giving him a big opponent in Ryback and a potential title is a step in the right direction with how over Ryback has been.

Dylan’s Prediction: Kevin Owens

Interested: Yes

Ryan Davis: The only reason I’m going to watch this match is because of Kevin Owens. I have no want or desire to see Ryback on my television screen. Ryback’s the type of guy that’ll be wrestling in 7 years and will still have to be carried. I will be highly disappointed if Kevin Owens goes after the United States title, loses, then goes for the Intercontinental title, and loses. Ryback has been champion for months now and I can’t name one thing he’s done, that’s sad.

Ryan’s Prediction: Kevin Owens

Interested: Somewhat

| Seth Rollins(c) vs John Cena – WWE United States Championship |

Dylan Osborn: Well after the unclean finish at SummerSlam and the ridiculous pay off of John Stewart, this build has been decent. Some of the same old John Cena routine we’ve seen for years, but still hyped to see if Rollins retains.

Dylan’s Prediction: Seth Rollins 

Interested: Yes

Ryan Davis: This is scary. I’m in strong belief that Seth Rollins won’t lose the U.S title one month after winning it, but what will John Cena do next? This could be an indication that Cena will be moving back to the main event scene soon. Other than my fears of what this outcome will be, I’m ready to see another awesome John Cena and Seth Rollins match.

Ryan’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

Interested: Yes

| Seth Rollins(c) vs Sting – WWE World Heavyweight Championship |

Dylan Osborn: The build for this has been okay considering how against Sting being in this match I am. They’ve built up Sting right with him winning out against Rollins on RAW before the big match, but really haven’t thrown Seth anything in terms of looking strong for this match.

Dylan’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

Interested: Somewhat

Ryan Davis: People on the internet have been complaining almost nonstop since this match was announced about how an “old guy” like Sting gets to lose his first match then just gets a title match. Guys, Sting isn’t winning the championship, just enjoy Sting competing against Seth f’n Rollins on a B-PPV.

Ryan’s Prediction: Seth Rollins

Interested: Yes

That concludes KOW Empire’s WWE Night of Champions 2015 preview! Be sure to follow Ryan(@RyanDavisSpeaks) and Dyan(@KOWDylanOsborn) on Twitter as well as comment your predictions below and come back to the website this Sunday after Night of Champions to read our review of the show!


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