My Continuous Breakup with TNA Wrestling

Before I get into my then love and now disdain for TNA Wrestling, TNA Impact Wrestling, TNA Wrestling Entertainment, Impact Wrestling, whatever they call themselves, I want you to know why I am writing this article and a couple experiences I’ve had with TNA fans. For quiet some time now, I have been faced with multiple TNA fans who come at me so rude, angry and abrasive for speaking my opinions on what I think of the company, why is that? I really don’t know, but I’ll discuss some common arguments they will make.

One of the main things you’ll face when interacting with a TNA fan on the flaws that TNA has is that they will bring up WWE, even when there was no mention of it. I have experienced this firsthand multiple times. I would be in a debate with a TNA fan on what I don’t like about TNA and why I don’t watch it anymore, then they’d bring up WWE’s flaws and even include the idiotic “well WWE has made mistakes, too.” Everybody who does anything makes mistakes, but when talking about one company’s mistakes, it really is idiotic to bring up another to try to justify the mistakes the other one has made. Yeah, WWE has made mistakes. So has New Japan Pro Wrestling, EVOLVE, PWG, Ring of Honor, etc, but that isn’t an excuse for TNA’s mistakes. That right there is the TNA fan knowing the mistakes made by TNA, but try to downplay them by including others who’ve also made mistakes. Just because one promotion makes mistakes doesn’t mean another one’s mistakes are excused, that’s just a plain stupid reason to justify TNA’s mistakes.

Another thing I have encountered is when I am called a “Blind hater,” especially by American Alucard, don’t know him? I don’t either. Anyways, he called me a blind hater for TNA because I don’t watch it yet I watch WWE. Oh ladies and gentlemen, that isn’t all. His reasoning behind that claim is TNA’s storylines are somehow better than WWE’s. First of all, that is an opinion, not a fact. I, on the other hand, don’t want to watch 2 men have a match for a fake leg or TNA ‘fighting to stay alive from an evil faction’ for the 1,000 time. Second of all, just because a promotion ‘has better storylines’ doesn’t mean I need to watch it.

While on the topic of American Alucard, he told me I’m a “WWE Fanboy” because I don’t have TNA reviews on this website, which is another one of his reasons as to why I’m a “blind hater.” He never asked me about a lack of TNA content on this website, he just criticized me not knowing that I’d love to have TNA content on my website, but the problem is I don’t watch it and the rest of my staff doesn’t watch it. Do you really want reviews written by people who don’t watch and know the product? I’m actually doing TNA fans a favor by not reviewing it because I’m not interested in their product.

Let’s get into why I don’t watch TNA Impact Wrestling anymore. I stopped being a fan when they tried becoming WWE Jr. They were fantastic when they had their own innovative ideas and were an alternative to what WWE was. Since around 2009/2010, they’ve almost been replicating WWE. I barely put up with WWE(as proof, I don’t watch RAW anymore. I watch Superstars) anymore, why would I sit down and watch 2 more hours of WWE?

TNA fans love to say that we aren’t allowed to talk about the backstage environment in TNA(which they’ll say are lies anyway) since you’re supposed to focus on the on-air elements to their programming since it’s entertainment. Well, professional wrestling is a business as well as entertainment, so we can talk about the backstage news as well as the on-air content because of that. If there was a fight between 2 NASCAR racers, nobody would say ‘stop talking about the fight and talk about the races.’ Wrestling has changed and the normal fan is able to know the backstage activities done in companies, so it’s another topic to talk about. The only reason TNA fans say ignore backstage is because they know backstage is a nightmare as well and that’s their way of arguing it.

To end this, I am done with TNA Wrestling, have been for about a year now because I’m tired of watching it and not enjoying it. That’s what wrestling should be, man. I still watch it as a casual fan for the most part and just like to have a good time watching, but watching TNA just makes me angry when the show’s over whether it’s terrible booking decisions, not outstanding or entertaining matches, or the bland characters and bad character builds most people on the roster have. I’ve also spent money on TNA shows and more often than not, I walk away from it angry, so I have given up. That doesn’t make me a ‘blind hater’ or a ‘WWE fanboy,’ it makes me a guy who is fed up with something and has let it go.

If you’re a TNA fan, then good for you. Enjoy it, but don’t attack people like me for not watching it because TNA has done a lot of things off and on screen in the past few years to not make us want to invest into it any longer.

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