Nikki Bella’s Terrible Title Reign

Author: Dylan Osborn

First of all, HA to all the AJ fangirls still typing “AJ is still #LongestReigningDivasChamp” and blah blah blah, she’s not, get over it. Second of all, after RAW, the Divas title has practically become irrelevant. Not only with how little it’s been involved in this shitty revolution, but since it’s creation, only two, bearable reigns have come out of it – AJ’s long as fuck reign, and Paige’s long reign and even then, they ended up just trading the title a bunch of times in their rivalry over it, and it got stale and was shit, unlike what fangirls will tell you. Now I’m going to compare both Nikki and AJ’s run with the title, and explain why both are similar and why AJ should not be getting this special treatment.

The first obvious thing people on twitter bitched about, was Nikki cheating to retain on RAW through twin magic, which people only got pissed about, when AJ’s reign got involved, outside of that, people didn’t care if she cheated or not, showing how much they care about the division. First of all, it’s called being a fucking heel champion who is going to take the easy route to win when possible. Second of all, you ready for this? AJ CHEATED DURING HER REIGN AS WELL!  Battleground 2013 Tamina assisted her in winning and retaining. Now I know some girl on twitter right now is angrily screaming “But it was only once, think before you speak!” But the only cheating for Nikki that’s been brought up is her offence on RAW, meaning cheating once is enough to make the fans go into a frenzy, therefore AJ’s title reign is just as bad cause she cheated, right? Wrong because double standards exist and AJ can do no wrong because she’s porking CM Punk. Below is a tweet from said girl, who justifies cheating for one wrestler and not the other. Because, fuck you.


Now moving on from double standards, we go into quality of matches. For the most part, both women had shit matches most of their run, AJ having 2 decent enough matches with Paige to tip her run slightly over, but that’s like saying the shit I took last night wasn’t as smelly as the one I took today. Some will try and point out mediocre matches AJ had saying they were better than Nikki’s. While that might be true, it doesn’t make the run itself, good. In terms of most memorable moment, Nikki’s is the one where to moment is an actual match, the match in which she retained to break the record. AJ’s on the other hand, is a worked shoot promo on the Total Divas cast. It’s bad when Nikki Bella has a more memorable wrestling match moment in her run than you do. Even though AJ’s matches were better (not that that’s saying anything) her matches never had a memorable moment in them, it was just standard diva’s matches after standard diva’s match. Both divas had terrible match quality at the end of the day.

In terms of rivalries whilst champion, this is the only time AJ has some what of an edge over Nikki by a good margin. Not that AJs rivalries were classics or anything, but simply put, she actually had proper rivalries, whilst Nikki, didn’t. AJ’s two big examples being Kaitlyn and Paige, which her rivalry with Kaitlyn was ok, bit silly with the Big. E and Ziggler sub plots and the not so amazing match quality, but it was at least a rivalry that wasn’t COMPLETE horseshit, more just a couple drips. Her story with Paige could have been something if it hadn’t just boiled down to who can out sexy the other/ best frienemies whilst juggling the title around. As mentioned her first 2 matches with Paige were decent, but then much like any divas storyline with potential, it just went back to status quo, look sexy, touch each other up a lil, call it a wrestling match. For Nikki, they tried doing something Naomi, but didn’t pan out. That’s really it in terms of opponents for Nikki, sure she face AJ and Paige, but much like this revolution, it wasn’t all about the title e.g their Wrestlemania 31 match. So finally AJ has something over Nikki, but like I’ve said before, that doesn’t make the title reign good.

Now there have been talks between who had longer gaps between defences in which I’ve seen sources point towards AJ having a longer gap, but of course, we don’t mention that, it might make her look bad, and make AJ fans look like hypocrites, for shame. But with how little REAL talent there is in the divas division, I can’t blame either for having the long defence gaps, as throwing them the same shitty divas over and over again would make fans hate the division even more. But still, can’t hate on Nikki having a gap between defences, when your queen is just as bad. Now in terms of actual talent this is the only time I’ll defend AJ, but not entirely. AJ is MILES more talented than Nikki and pretty much anyone on the Divas roster besides of course the NXT ladies. But to be honest that’s not really saying anything, as all the main divas, are shit, so being better than them isn’t really a challenge. It almost creates a mystique of AJ being better than she actually is, same goes for Paige before the NXT lot arrived and showed that she couldn’t hang with them so she had to team with two of them and get her assed kicked by the third. Another reason she is placed so damn high up, is her relationship to CM Punk and YES, that is a reason, don’t fucking kid yourselves. People say she got her pipe bomb from Punk, and really that’s all she got, because Punk was the hottest talent in the world at the time, AJ looked like a diamond being next to him, when in reality, she was just average.

Now I know I’ll receive a lot of angry tweets saying how I hate women’s wrestling, I need to think before I speak, or I’m a blind Bella fan (Shoutouts to @BellaArmy for them free retweets) But in truth, both Nikki and AJ’s title runs were shit with AJ only really winning out because she’s not a trainwreck of a wrestler. But with that being said, unless they can have Charlotte, Sasha and Becky feud over the title, this title will continue to be a joke, and Charlotte winning on Sunday, would be a stupid idea considering they literally had that match a week prior and it would take away from the whole moment of saving the record, now people won’t give a fuck cause it doesn’t involve their darling AJ or Paige, once again showing the true colors of fans who pretend to care about women’s wrestling.

I’ve been Dylan Osborn and stay savage, stay real.

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