WWE Superstars 9/18/15[Episode 336] Review

Second week in a row that I’m doing this. Hopefully, this one gets more views that the one I did last week. Let me tell you something, this new website has only been up for a week and the rest of our articles are booming with views and such…except for my Superstars review for last week. Why is that? It’s not like I’m delving into these matches and breaking them down or anything, I made the last review as much of a fun read as I could. Maybe this one will get some views, we just need some big names appearing on this episode, so let’s begin!

When I said this episode needs some big names, Zack Ryder was the very last person I had in mind…

| Zack Ryder vs. Adam Rose |

Rose came out with hipster sunglasses and said he’s pooping on my party because I pooped on his. Since this KOW website launched and I want to make it a huge deal, I’ve started using star ratings for matches. Would it be allowed if I gave it negative stars just because of this promo?

You know creative has absolutely no direction for you when King Buried beats you on a D-level show.

Winner via not losing the match: Zack Ryder

Verdict: *1/2

Should You Watch It: No

If you read last week’s Superstars review(you can read it here), you know I marked out hard for the next match.

|Bo Dallas vs. Jack Swagger |

This is very weird. Bo and Jack both had matches on last week’s episode and lost(Dallas losing to Neville in the opener; Swagger losing to Stardust in the main event), but somehow the two losers of last week’s episode are facing off in the main event of this week’s episode? Even weirder, Swagger, who was in the main event last week, got the jobber entrance while Dallas, who lost in last week’s opener got his entrance aired. What?

Dallas was working more serious which I like. He threw in the occasional breaks, but got serious immediately after.

There was a pretty bad botch in the match. Swagger was supposed to clothesline Dallas over the top rope out of the ring, but that just didn’t happen. Jack then just tossed him out and did a “We, The People” chant to recover. No big deal, but that was the most noteworthy thing of this match.

Winner via Swagger deserves more than this: Bo Dallas

Verdict: **

Should You Watch It: No 

Final Verdict: 2/5

Should You Watch This Show: No

Final Statement: Although Jack Swagger is one of my favorites, not even he can make me enjoy this episode and make me feel like I didn’t waste my time watching it. Add his less than average match with Dallas with the even lower than average match of Rose vs Ryder, this episode gets a thumbs down and a 2/5 rating from me.


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