Predicting Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose’s Mystery Partner

Author: Eric Nadas

With less than 5 hours away from WWE Night Of Champions, one of the matches I’m looking forward to is the six-man tag between Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and a partner of their choosing against The Wyatt Family. The one thing that is making me excited for this match is who is the third man? For all we know it could be Heath Slater, The Great Khali, the return of Savio Vega or it could be Hornswoggle! But with Braun Strowman being built as a total monster, Ambrose and Reigns need a destructive force to take down the Wyatt Family. So I’ve picked my Fav 5 on who should be the 3rd man for Reigns and Ambrose tonight!

The first one on this list is Daniel Bryan. Now he has been out for a long while but maybe just maybe the WWE are keeping D-Bry quiet for him to potentially return to Night Of Champions to team up with Reigns and Ambrose to defeat The Wyatt Family. Now he isn’t really a destructive force to go face to face with Strowman but it could really work as an underdog vs the monster type of deal. Also Bryan has some history with The Wyatt Family as he feuded with them in the beginning of 2014 with Daniel Bryan joined them for a few weeks and then broke up with them on an episode of Raw which was a great moment. This one is on top of the list because the likely of this happening is least likely to happen but never say never.

The next mystery partner I would like is…. The Jabroni Beating! Pie Eating! Trailblazing! Eyebrow Raising! The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment Today! The Rock! It would make sense that The Rock would join Reigns and Ambrose because of that Samoan Heritage with Reigns. It would be a positive with the Wyatt Family because they’re working with The Rock. But it is a negative because The Wyatt Family are going to get they’re candyasses whooped one by one from The Great One!  Roman Reigns is The Rock’s cousin and on an interview on Smackdown, Roman Reigns said that they made a phone call. Is that The Rock we’re talking about? We’ll just have to see at Night Of Champions.

Next up on the list is The Swiss Superman himself, Cesaro. To be honest I have no idea what the WWE are doing with Cesaro. They built him up as this beast and they’re having him lose to Big Show in under 5 minutes. Cesaro had a lot of momentum but the WWE had to take it away, and he doesn’t even have a match on Night Of Champions?! I’m not gonna say that he lost all credibility because he still is loved by the crowd and Cesaro Section signs are still going, but that is what the WWE more so the creative team are doing. I have an idea put him as the third man!  He gains back credibility and if he and Reigns/Ambrose win, that gives Cesaro momentum.

Second to last on the list is Kane. Now I don’t want Corporate Kane or The Big Red Monster Kane. What I want is the Big Red Machine to make a comeback and go toe to toe with Strowman. Sorry, but just putting a mask on and calling yourself a monster is not gonna cut it. When he was the Big Red Machine, he was kicking ass and taking names and was an unstoppable force. Braun Strowman is an unstoppable force and it would be an interesting battle if these two clash.

Now here we go, the favorite mystery man I really want to be is……. Samoa Joe! Just like with The Rock, Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns have that Samoan Heritage and it would make sense. Joe isn’t really doing anything NXT, so why not? Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose would come out, and Roman Reigns would say since you attacked my cousin Jimmy, Samoa always has our back. Cue the music, and its Samoa Joe! Everyone is going apeshit and chanting “Joe! Joe! Joe!”. And the battle begins.

So those are my Fav 5, share your thoughts in the comment section and who do you think should be the third man? Until next time, I’m Eric Nadas and Ta Ta….. For Now!


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