WWE Monday Night RAW (September 21) Highlights and Review

Promotion: World Wrestling Entertainment

Event: Monday Night Raw

Date: September 21, 2015

Laredo, Texas

It’s the night after Night of Champions and questions must be answered. Will Sting appear? What will Kane do next? WILL RIC FLAIR CRY? These are the questions that were indeed answer on this episode of Raw!

| Can’t Outrun Destiny |

More like “Can’t Outrun a Bray Wyatt Promo.” God, I remember when his promos were special and so awesome, then WWE decided to have him talk every week and now he’s just saying random, vague things that don’t relate to the point he’s suppose to make during them. What upset me the most is that just when the promo started getting good and I was into it, Roman Reigns came out. GREAT, now I have to sit through a Roman Reigns promo. Don’t be surprised next week if I have one of the staff members review RAW instead of me.

Wouldn’t it be funny if someone were to trip Roman as he’s walking down the steps. If these idiots want to jump the barricade and interfere in the show, at least do it subtly.

I stopped paying much attention at this point. I wonder what Bray Wyatt whispers in the Family’s ear. It wouldn’t be something scripted because we don’t hear it. “I eat ass,” “Bolieve,” or even “Listen to the debut episode of Ryan Davis’ King of Wrestling Podcast this weekend” could all be possibilities.

Reigns challenges Wyatt to a one-on-one FIGHT on LIVE TV and Wyatt declined at first, but they start brawling for a minute or two. Don’t watch it, but it was decent. Only a matter of time before Harper and Braun came in. That’s when ‘Dean Ambrose’ The Lunatic Fringe came to the rescue, kind of.

This brawl was very long. So very long. Stuff was just happening and then Randy Orton came back. Boy, it’s great to see Orton back, we haven’t seen him in about 3 whole weeks. Hope he doesn’t have ring rust!

Should You Watch It: No

Seth Rollins is pacing outside of The Authority’s office and finally gains the courage to walk in. He’s confused as he’s talking… IT’S CORPORATE KANE! By the way, I’m one of the very few who still don’t hate Kane. The guy can still go in the ring, man.

Anyways, he turns around with all smiles and is acting as if what he did to Rollins at Night of Champions didn’t happen. I. Love. This. Make Kane either want to play mind games with Seth or actually be insane and not know what he did at Night of Champions. Either way, it’s interesting. Kane tells Seth he’ll get his U.S title rematch tonight against AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!

Should You Watch It: Yes

| Charlotte’s Diva’s Championship Celebration |

Flair came out and said he hasn’t been any more proud than he was when Charlotte won the Diva’s championship. He then called her out and out she comes with Paige and MY GIRL, Becky by her side. Charlotte tells Ric that all she’s ever wanted to do is make him half as proud as she is of him. Ric is crying at this point and Charlotte directs her focus to Paige and Becky. How she did it made me laugh out loud. She just randomly shouted “PCB.” It was completely random and was hilarious. If you’re going to watch this segment, make sure you watch that part. I need to shout that when I’m talking to somebody for no reason. PCB! Also, Charlotte has what I call the “AJ Lee promo voice” and that means her voice during a promo is extremely different from her actual talking voice. Charlotte has that.

Charlotte praises Becky and then switches over to Paige. Charlotte says she followed Paige’s footsteps and Paige told her to stop. She said there is no revolution and that the Bellas are going to come back and get the title back. She name drops the rest of the females. It’s clear WWE’s just recreating the AJ Lee ‘pipebomb.’ Man, AJ must be pissed. First her record was broken and now she isn’t the only woman who ‘shoots’ on the Diva’s division. During this, Paige dissed Becky and Natalya which makes her over as a heel to me.

Should You Watch It: Yes

| Sheamus vs. Mark Henry |

What a weird match. It was only 3-4 minutes. Mark Henry hit a couple moves and knocked Sheamus out of the ring, causing Sheamus to get very frustrated, which I like. The guy could’ve been World Champion right now but he’s not, he should be frustrated. Sheamus literally broke out of a hold, hit a Brogue Kick to the chest, hit a regular Brogue Kick, then won. That’s basically all his offense in this match. Mark Henry looks like such a jabroni in this.

Winner: Sheamus

Verdict: **

Kane’s still in the office when Triple H and Stephanie walk in. Steph says it’s fine if Kane wants to play mind games with Seth, but don’t insult their intelligence. Yeah, their intelligence is the one that’s insulted. Kane is confused by it and is only worried about coming back to work and fulfilling the contract he signed.

Stephanie says she needs one thing from Kane is that is to “give it back” and she has her hand up, referring to Kane’s mask. Kane, still not knowing/still playing mind games, doesn’t get it and slaps her hand and gives a thumbs up instead.

This segment = Gold.

(I know the people who gave Kane crap before tonight and I won’t forget. You’re not fooling me by saying you’ve always been a Kane fan.)

Should You Watch It: Yes

| Naomi vs. Natalya |

Good match! Good, good match. Natalya hasn’t lost a single step and Naomi is always good. These two have a bit of chemistry together, just wish this match went on a bit longer because I was enjoying it.

Winner: Naomi

Verdict: **1/2

| John Cena(c) vs. Seth Rollins – WWE United States Championship |

Pretty solid match. Not nearly as good as their SummerSlam or Night of Champions match, but a very exceptional match for a Raw main event. Does Seth ever hit the Phoenix Splash successfully?

This ending. Holy cow. I think the ending of this match defines what ‘Super Cena’ is. Rollins hit a Frog Splash and went for the pin. Cena rolled over, tossed Rollins onto his shoulders, hit the F.U, and won.

I recommend you listen to my rant on how Rollins’ has been booked and just imagine how upset I was after this match.

Listen here.

Winner: John Cena

Verdict: ***

After the match, Corporate Kane is on the tron telling Seth he wants him to be the best WWE World Champion that he can be and there’s a lot of people in line to take the title away… even people he wouldn’t imagine in their worst nightmares. After that, Kane’s pyro goes off and Seth Rollins is dragged by ‘Demon Kane’ under the ring and that’s how Raw goes off the air this week.

Should You Watch It: No

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