WWE Superstars 9/25/15[Episode 337] Review

For some weird reason, I want to see some Heath Slater on this episode. Not sure if he’ll be on, but I hope he is.

Welcome back to the weekly WWE Superstars review done by me, the owner of this website, Ryan Davis. Someone asked me 2 questions this week that I wanted to bring up.

1: “If you own the website, why are you reviewing a D-level show like Superstars?”

I really don’t know. Maybe because the two matches they have are sometimes nice to watch. There aren’t very many screwy finishes, interferences, etc. Plus, I get to see MY BOY, Jack Swagger on a somewhat regular basis. To the person who asked me this, if you want to join the staff and review Superstars for me, by all means, come aboard.

2: “I was reading your Raw review, why do you always capitalize STING?”

Most of the time Sting’s name is mentioned on WWE television, it’s when somebody is yelling his name, so I find it funny to put that in text as well. “Who’s facing Big Show tonight?” “STING”

| Heath Slater vs. R-Truth |

I popped so hard for Slater. I said I wanted him on this episode and I got him. Fantastic!

I’m very disappointed. They only gave these guys about 3-4 minutes. Really? Does WWE really have to recap Raw so much that it bumps a match on a 1 hour show that only has 2 matches to only 4 minutes?

The two were good in this match. I can’t give many thoughts on this match because of it being 3-4 minutes. It felt like they were just getting started and then they were told to go home out of nowhere. I’m giving this 1 star. Not because it was a bad match, but because it should went longer.

Winner: R-Truth

Verdict: *

| Adam Rose vs. Jack Swagger |

Jack Swagger would do so well in New Japan. The dude is a wrestler. NJPW is a wrestling company. Clearly WWE doesn’t have much for Swagger to do, but I bet New Japan would make him a huge monster if they scooped him up.

This new entrance for Adam Rose is very weird. He’s not the party guy anymore so he can’t use that music and they don’t have music ready for him yet, so he just has to come out and do the same promo each week. It’s very weird.

Swagger did most of the work in this match, obviously. He was the highlight of it and looked like he was trying his hardest to have a good match with Rose.

Rose has this sequence when he hits a Superkick to the midsection, a DDT, then goes up and lands an Axe Handle on his opponent’s back. It’s pretty clean.

Pretty basic match that didn’t insult me.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Verdict: **

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