WWE Monday Night RAW (September 28) Review

*Dylan Osborn is filing in for Ryan Davis for this week’s WWE RAW review*

Author: Dylan Osborn

Kane’s gimmick getting better each week, double booty, the Divas “Revolution” going back to square 1 and I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. For those too cool to watch it live, this is Dylan Osborn’s review of this week’s RAW.

| Corporate Kane’s Segments |

Now I’m going to haul all of these into one chunk of the review to save confusion. Kane’s gimmick has only gotten better each week, this is what Corporate Kane should have been before, a transformation of Kane giving in to his inner demon. They bring someone to review Kane’s work as Director Of Operations, in which Kane acts calmly around her, but fails his test almost immediately (Or at least he should have) by trying to introduce her to the Bella Twins. He also brings Seth Rollins’ head… of his statue back, complimenting his skills with a shovel and flashlight. Love how Seth Rollins is slowly going crazy even though he’s right about Kane. His rant about Heaven and Hell and The Pope was amazing, Rollins is great on the mic. Of course Kane passes his review much to the dismay of Rollins, and Rollins ultimately beats the hell (No pun intended) out of Kane and breaks his leg over a chair. Then Demon Kane returning from the ambulance and beating down on Rollins and holding the WHC. This storyline is so great as it wasn’t about titles, heck it hasn’t even involved any wrestling yet, it’s all mind games and vengeance, if The New Day are the hottest act right now, surely Kane is close second if not tied for first. These two are set to go at it, and I would like Kane to have one last run with the title, even with his poor first corporate gimmick, he can still wrestle, and he’s earned it. Rating – Watch these segments!!!

| John Cena(c) vs. Xavier Woods – WWE United States Championship |

With John Cena retaining his US title last week against Rollins, the silver lining of John Cena winning the title back has returned, the US Title Open Challenge. With each week being a new challenger.. and today… WAS A NEW DAY! As Xavier Woods challenged Cena for the title after a hilarious opening promo by The New Day, comparing themselves to Scrooge McDuck. The match itself was good as all US Open Challenge matches are, but with Xavier not being involved in defending the titles, his great performance seems overshadowed like some other stars who challenge Cena for the title. Even if they give in a good performance, Cena is the only one to benefit going on to do more, whilst the loser normally just goes back to doing not much. This match comes to an abrupt finish when Kofi and Big.E come out to stop Woods from being pinned, and in turn, The Dudley Boyz coming down to defend Cena, which results in the next match becoming a 6 Man Tag Team Match. 

Verdict: ***

| The New Day vs. John Cena & The Dudley Boyz |

A solid match with a surprise result. Considering the 6 men involved, you were going to get a good match, The New Day and The Dudleyz continue their rivalry and Cena makes a good 3rd man to even out the numbers but doesn’t steal the spotlight. The New Day win clean (For the most part) and pick up a pinfall on The Dudleyz, which honestly was a shock to see, I thought The Dudleyz and Cena would win and have Cena standing tall. But no, we’ll see how this story with The Dudleyz and New Day continue from here. 

Verdict: ***


| Big Show vs. Mark Henry |

Well, how far has Mark Henry fallen…. jobbing to the Big Show. Now to be fair, they are building up the showdown at MSG between Show and Lesnar… but, really, we’re suppose to look at Big Show as this threat and legitimate opponent to Brock Lesnar. I mean sure in the past he was, but judging by his booking in recent memory, this was clearly a throw away idea while they build towards HIAC. The match itself, was a squash, boring, but at the very least did its job. Big Show would be back later in the night to have a talk down with Paul Heyman. 

Verdict: N/A


| Team Bella vs. Team PCB |

Now as you guys know, I’m not the biggest fan of the Miz TV segments and this one is no exception. Just when WWE start to make this whole “revolution” about the damn title… BAM. They go back to square freaking 1 and have it be a contest over anything BUT THE DAMN TITLE! This time it’s “Who started the revolution?” With of course Paige and The Bellas being loud mouths saying they started it. Charlotte tries to preach that it isn’t about one Diva, but all of them performing for the WWE Universe, but of course we can’t have that, as it might have meant this stupid storyline would have ended. This in turn turns into a 6 Divas Tag Team Match, in which Team OCB briefly reunite to take on Team Bella. Hey look, another tag match in the Divas Revolution? SHOCK I know. The match, like most during this time, has been quite generic and run of the mill. The obvious miscommunication causes Paige to attack Charlotte then go off to the back, in which The Bellas take advantage and score the pin on Charlotte. Yeah, Charlotte’s title reign so far; Beat both Bella Twins via fluke, then get pinned by one of them, great start. Please for the love of Ra, end this petty revolution or make it ABOUT THE TITLE! GAH! 

Verdict: **1/2


| The Wyatt Family vs. Prime Time Players |

ANOTHER TAG TEAM MATCH PLAYA! ahem Sorry. Honestly didn’t know what to expect from this match considering PTP were fresh out of the title chase (For now) and Harper and Strowman were busy with Ambrose and Reigns. Overall, this match solidly puts over two thirds of The Wyatts in a stiff contest, but also pushes Titus O’Neil as he was able to stand more toe to toe with them than his partner Darren Young. But Titus couldn’t overcome them as Strowmans, bear hug finisher scary thing picks up the victory. 

Verdict: **3/4


| Stardust vs. Neville |

I’M AFRAID I’VE GOT SOME BAD NEWS! Well actually I don’t. The match itself was a decent contest as it should be with the talent involved. I’m glad this wasn’t the millionth tag match of the night, and just glad it wasn’t a tag match overall as it should have always been about Stardust and Nevilled. Not The Lucha Dragons or The Ascension. But the match ends in a no contest when King Barret makes his return clobbering Nevile and leaving Stardust out cold. A decent enough match with a return of one of my favorites, I’d like to see where this goes.

Verdict: **


| Randy Orton vs. Bo Dallas |

If you’ve seen one Bo Dallas squash you’ve seen them all really. This match was honestly pointless, it did nothing for either man involved, it was just there, to fill up time. 

Verdict: N/A


| Kevin Owens vs. Rusev |

Good way to kick off Owens as IC Champion, end sarcasm here. Another match I scratch my head at why it was here, both Owens and Rusev brawl for a bit, then attack Ryback who was at ringside on commentary, then Dolph Ziggler comes out and actually gets Owens and Rusev to scram… on his own…. HOW?! I mean, Owens or Rusev on their own could squash Ziggler, how does he scare them both away? Guessing this is just build to HIAC/MSG either of the two, but, I’m not getting into it in the least. 

Verdict: N/A


| Paul Heyman |

Finally turning the awesome meter back up, with everyone’s favorite manager, and his name, is Paul Heyman. Heyman comes out cutting a promo on how The Big Show is one of the few threats in the industry and talks on how Show is basically bored (Like we are) and how he is never been pushed to his limit. In short, trying his damndest to put Big Show over in the fans eyes. Big Show himself then comes out cutting a promo on Heyman about what he’s going to do to Brock Lesnar at MSG. Honestly, the promo from Show isn’t too bad, but it’s just how he’s been booked recently that doesn’t convince ANYONE he’ll beat Lesnar at MSG or even put up much of a fight. Again, I feel this is all throw away filler for Undertaker Lesnar at HIAC. 


| Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns |

Well done WWE, this was a great main event to end RAW. More so the post match brawl than the actual match. But the match itself was a very stiff contest, albeit the crowd was DEAD! But things really get going when both men take the fight to the outside and get counted out, but they don’t care and just keep brawling through the crowd. This is when the crowd livened up, chanting “This is AWESOME!” and “Holy Shit!” Which during a Roman Reigns singles match, is very hard to do. The final moments of Bray crashing Reigns through the barricade and the spear through the announce table was amazing to see, and a great closing image of the show with both man laying motionless next to each other. 

Verdict: *** +5 for Post-Match


| Overall Thoughts |

Many tag matches, 3 no contests (One being the double countout) and 3 N/A rating would spell a bad show right? Well not really, although not a MUST SEE RAW, it did have a good start with the US Open Challenge and opening 6 man tag match, a good ending with the Paul Heyman/Big Show encounter and main event match. Plus the segments with corporate Kane were GOLD! But the middle part of RAW is what lets this show down, boring Divas Revolution, boring squash matches and just not caring for any development of stories such as Ziggler/Rusev. Overall I’d say catch the start and finish of RAW as well as the Kane segments, but skip the middle, it’s really not worth your time. 

Final Verdict: 6/10


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