WWE Smackdown (October 1st) Review

Author: Eric Nadas

What happened on this episode of Smackdown? Which Kane do we see this time? Do we have another 6-Man Tag Main Event yet again? What shenanigans are the New Day doing backstage? Do we get a 10 second salute for the upper section?  We’ll find out on the October 1st edition of Smackdown!

           | Corporate? Demon? Both?!?! |

We begin the show with Seth coming out and demanding to cut his music and wants Kane to come out to admit the truth that he is a Demon. Kane slowly but surely comes out with his crutches, he tried to handle Seth even with a smile until Monday night on Raw where his ankle got stomped with a chair. Seth should be ashamed of himself, he wants Kane to get some therapy? Seths the one who needs therapy! Corporate Kane announces the main event that Seth will be teaming up with The New Day (YES) against The Dudley Boyz and the Demon Kane! Seth pitches the idea of Corporate Kane has to be ringside, Kane wouldn’t miss it for the world and wishes him the best of luck.

This was a fun opener, Kane is the just the best. He plays his Corporate gimmick to a tee.

Should You Watch It: Yes

 |Team Bellas vs Team B.A.D |

Great another Six-Women Tag, but hey we’ve got Team B.A.D coming back! Naomi and Sasha Banks cut a decent promo on The Bellas on who started the Divas Revolution. Sasha made a statement by the only thing everyone will be thinking about the Revolution is how Team B.A.D will end it. Sorry Sasha, but I think they’ll be thinking how this “Divas Revolution” was a flop..

Only thing I can remember from this match is Brie Bella slapping Sasha Banks and Sasha slapping Brie back harder and like a Boss. Bad idea Brie. Then I just tuned out because this match means absolutely 100% nothing. Team B.A.D wins with Sasha giving the Bank Statement to Nikki and her tapping out. Sasha has been winning most of her matches, wheres her title match?

Verdict: 2 Stars
Should You Watch It: No

| New Day Right Back At It Again |

Seth is just walking and gets welcomed by The New Day! Seth is annoyed but gets cheered up by the Power Of Positivity! They get him to chant hes the man. Xavier gets some finishing touches with that 10 Star Trombone and they chant “Seths The Man!” While they leave, the camera motions to Kane and is smiling yet again.

Should You Watch It: Yes

| Becky Lynch/Charlotte Interview |

We’ve got the lovely JoJo interviewing Becky Lynch and the Divas Champion Of The World Charlotte and asked if PCB can be in sync once again. Charlotte responds that PCB used to be strong and was on top until Paige screwed them and Becky with that accent says that it’s getting annoying and tries to finish her sentence before she was rudely interrupted by Paige. Paige asks her to finish and they argue a bit and Charlotte makes them stop and asks Paige if they are with us or against us and they walk off.

Paige tries to walk back to where she was before this but sees Nattie and gets confronted with Natalya telling her if she ever disrespects her like that on Raw again she’ll wishes Paige doesn’t know her. Whoa! A feud actually happening?! Really liked this encounter with Paige and Natalya, hope it leads to a match at Hell In A Cell.

Should You Watch It: Sure


  | Ryback vs Kevin Owens For The Intercontinental Championship |

This match I really couldn’t get into even though this is supposedly a big match and half the crowd isn’t there but we have loud cheers. Maybe if they builded this rematch more to Smackdown I’d probably more invested or something.

This match was good for it was but it wasn’t as good as their Night Of Champions match. Ending moments of the match was Ryback going for Shellshock but Owens grabbed the ropes and gets out of the ring. They both closelined each other, Ryback gets in the ring and Owens thought about getting in the ring but doesn’t and gets counted out. And still your Intercontinental Champion Of The World: Kevin…Ooowensss! Owens gloats and takes Rybacks’ feet and tries to go for a Apron Powerbomb but Ryback gets out of it and brawl. Ryback gives Owens a Shellshock.

If I had to change one thing about that match is the ending where Owens and Ryback brawl, Owens should’ve just gave Ryback a Pop-Up Powerbomb in the ring and stand tall.

Verdict: 3 Stars
Should You Watch It: No


| Lucha Dragons/Neville vs Stardust/Ascension |

Really fun match between these six again but this match feels like it is getting redundant because these guys had 2-3 matches but it feels like 100. If they want to do this match again they need to have a gimmick match. Hell, you could make it tornado rules but I doubt this match is gonna happen because of King Barrett and Stardust. Yeah, he is still named as King Barrett. Anyways your winners of the match are The Lucha Dragons and Neville.

Verdict: 3 Stars
Should You Watch It: No

  |“I Hope You’re Willing To Die” |

This right here was the segment of the night. This was the segment where Bray Wyatt addresses Roman Reigns. Wyatt says that him and Roman went to war on Monday Night Raw and how they created chaos. “Anyone but you Roman” Wyatt said and Roman comes out all alone and Reigns and Wyatt stared down. Reigns takes the mic from Wyatt and says “Hell In A Cell”. Here comes my favorite quote from Bray as he shouts “I hope you’re willing to die! I am willing to sacrifice everything!”

We are in for a treat at Hell In A Cell.

Should You Watch It: Yes

  | New Day/Rollins vs The Dudley Boyz/Demon Kane |

We’ve got Corporate Kane at ringside clapping along with The New Day! Demon Kane’s pyro hits but we see no Demon Kane. Seth is just looking at Corporate Kane and just wants him to admit that he is infact the Demon.

This match was solid for a main event. The New Day is gold and is the greatest thing happening in the WWE today. Seth participated in the New Day Stomp Of Doom and all that fun stuff. During the match, Seth went for a suicide dive and accidentally hits Kane, doctors are helping him up but Seth just attacks him. While Kane goes back to the curtain, he gives a smile to Seth. A few minutes later we hear the pyro, and its The Demon! He attacks Seth and he runs away. Back to the ring, The Dudleys hits Kofi with the 3D for the 1. 2. 3.

At the end of the match Bubba Ray tries to raise Kane’s hand but a Chokeslam. Kane gives everyone else the Chokeslam to everyone and a Tombstone to Xavier Woods and ends the show.

Verdict: 3.5 Stars
Should You Watch It: Yes

Show Grade: C+


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