NXT TakeOver: Respect Review

Author: Dylan Osborn

| Samoa Joe/Finn Balor vs. The Mechanics |

Great opener to kick off the show, The Mechanics really shining and had momentum practically the entire match, but one tag to Joe and suddenly Joe and Finn are advancing to the finals. Really well played on the leg angle going into the finals, let’s see how it affects Finn.

Verdict: ***1/2

| Baron Corbin/Rhyno vs. Chad Gable/Jason Jordan |

WOW! What a follow up to the opener, the better of the two semi final matches. Jordan and Gable carried this match with a stella performance, mega over with the crowd and the crowd were white hot during this match. Rhyno and Corbin had some moments as well, and advance to the finals.

Verdict: ****

| Dana Brooke vs. Asuka |

First off, would just like to say, Asuka is a total babe. Now, WHAT A DEBUT! Much like Apollo Crews debut, a good match for the time given, Asuka was over instantly, showed off a great move set and looked great to top it off. A real threat to the NXT Women’s Division.

Verdict: ***

| Apollo Crews vs. Tyler Breeze |

Another fantastic match by my boy Tyler and fucking hell is Apollo Crews a star in the making or what! This match was insane, Apollo selling the back well, and my god how did Tyler’s head stay on his shoulders after those kicks. A great win for Apollo, sad to see my boy Breeze lose another NXT special, hopefully they throw him the title soon.

Verdict: ****

| Finn Balor/Samoa Joe vs. Rhyno/Baron Corbin |

People say Corbin sucks? He’s definitely improving leaps and bounds, a great match by all 4 men. Great selling by Finn on the bad leg, and Joe really carrying here. Congrats Finn and Joe, the first winners of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Trophy. Cody’s speech post match got me all choked up for personal reasons, great speech.

Verdict: ***¾ (+5 For Cody’s Speech)

| Sasha Banks vs. Bayley(c) – 30 Minute IronMan Match for the Women’s Championship |

The Divas Revolution was never on the main roster, it was always here, at NXT. MY. GOD. What a fucking match. Some say I overrated the Brooklyn match giving it 5 stars, if this match didn’t deserve 5 stars, I don’t know what match would. It was their Brooklyn match, but just more of it! How to tell a story, big moves, big near falls, emotion, drama, tension. This match had it all! The main roster Divas must be besides themselves knowing they will forever be upstaged by these ladies. I’ve been a Sasha Banks mark, but just like Brooklyn I couldn’t contain my smile when Bayley won the match. A feel good moment for all, truly history in the fucking making, take a bow ladies, you did it in Brooklyn, and you did it again.

Verdict: ***** (+ 5 For Post Match Celebration)

Overall: Brooklyn WAS the best NXT special, then tonight blew it out of the water. When the lowest rated match was a woman’s debut peeking at ***, you know you have a show on your hands. Every match felt important, nearly every match had a story to it. Every match was well wrestled, and the main event… Main roster men, good fucking luck topping it. I’m going to say it here, this will be the best event of the year for WWE/NXT as well as the best main event in WWE/NXT this year. Another MOTY candidate from Sasha and Bayley somehow topping their Brooklyn match, and not a single bad match on the card, WATCH THIS SHOW NOW! Final Verdict: 9.5/10


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