WWE Monday Night RAW (October 12) Review

Dylan Osborn is the new reviewer for WWE Monday Night RAW. Previous reviewer, Ryan Davis has moved over to review WWE NXT from now on.

Author: Dylan Osborn

| Kane Is In Charge |

RAW starting off with The Authority informing Kane that they shall be late and that he’s in charge until they’re here. This quickly leads to Kane booking himself into a match with Seth Rollins in a Lumberjack match. Following this was Dean Ambrose coming out talking about the “Inmates running the asylum tonight” and doing his best HHH impression. Randy Orton then comes out talking to Ambrose about Hell In A Cell and how they’ll be partnered up against Luke Harper and Braun Strowman, the 2 exchange for a bit, but the…. IT’S A NEW DAY, YES IT IS! *ahem* The New Day come out and lay down a promo, honestly better than Paige’s “Pipe *gag* bomb” In which they rip Randy Orton a new one with how many groups he’s been in and take a heavy shot at Chicago. During the promo Kane interrupts on the titantron informing The New Day they can prove they’re the strongest faction right now against Randy Orton & Dean Ambrose. This was a good way to open the show and the WWE really are putting a lot of faith into The New Day, making them look strong last week, and at least promo wise, carrying it into this week, Orton & Ambrose still seem a little sketchy going into HIAC and the story not really involving them as much as Roman Reigns, they feel more like filler partners than actual components.

| The New Day vs. Randy Orton & Dean Ambrose |

Great match to kick off RAW, hard to have a bad match with these guys involved. Once again, WWE really putting over The New Day right now, and New Day are still one of the bets if not the best act in WWE right now. The remind me a lot of corporate Kane, at first people hated it, then did something right with them and continued to do that one right thing and now people love them. Big win for The New Day, slight shenanigans with the cheeky roll up, but still, all momentum rides with The New Day going into HIAC. Orton & Ambrose not looking great sadly, they had a good match, but this loss doesn’t help them in the slightest, WWE need to do something with them for this Wyatt feud, and fast.

Verdict: ***1/2

| Naomi vs. Nikki Bella |

Honestly, this match was solid, one thing I haven’t given too much credit for is how singles wise, most of the Divas have improved, the problem is they don’t get to show it with all these awful tag matches. This match is what this how revolution should have been, a good singles match with the two getting to show their stuff, with a little bit of bitchy catfight thrown in to see who’s dominant. Nikki gaining steam for HIAC, a CLEAN win which shocked me, both Divas looked good. My girl Sasha still got some action on Brie which was nice. No stupid promos, no “I started this” or “We’re the best that” just a good singles match with the right amount of revolution team fighting and singles action, good job WWE.

Verdict: **3/4

John Cena(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler – U.S Open Challenge |

First of all, don’t propose during a freaking wrestling match and interrupt the whole flow of the match for your little moment, yes it’s nice, but, we’re at a wrestling show, not a damn church. Now, this was a great match, with an annoying as fuck ending. Both men looked great, didn’t expect Ziggler to be the one to come out for the challenge to be honest. Both men showing a lot of offence, but Ziggler got so many near falls, but did escape the STF a few times. I do feel Ziggler could have looked better in this match if Cena hadn’t kicked out of everything. The ending, god dammit WWE, this is why we say Cena buries people. Although not severe bury central, Zig Zag to Cena, kicks out, few seconds later, AA 1,2,3… *FACEPALM* Why let Cena not only kick out of Dolph’s FINISHER, bit then A. Have Cena suddenly get all the momentum in the world to pull off his own finisher, and B. Not let Dolph kick out of Cena’s finisher, it just made Dolph look bad. This is why I say October is Cena wins lol month, I understand never give up, but this is plain bullshit. But despite all that, the match itself was still great as you would expect from these two.

Verdict: ****

| The Dudley Boyz vs. The Ascension |

A quick, painless match, The Ascension go back to doing not much, but still looked okay for the time given. The Dudleys pick up a clean decisive victory, which continues the momentum for them at HIAC.

Verdict: **

| Cesaro/Neville vs. King Barrett/Sheamus |

Another quick painless match with a surprising result. Both teams gelled well together respectively, Barret and Sheamus as the big brutes, and Cesaro Neville with the big guy small guy dynamic. The match had a couple of good moments like Cesaro chucking Neville over the top onto their opponents, which was fun to see. But wow, Barret and Sheamus picking up the win, which surprised me seeing as WWE haven’t really done much with them recently I didn’t think they’d give them the win. See what they do with win under their belt.

Verdict: **1/2

| Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns |

The promo before this match was good, Reigns constantly improving on the mic, and making fun of the stupid “What” chants from the crowd, which I like to see. The Wyatts then come out with Bray laying down a response whilst talking about their up coming match at HIAC, then sends Braum to the ring to deal with Reigns. The match was a brawl, and booked very smartly, Braum had a lot of offence and never seemed equal or behind Roman in power and strength, but the still let Reigns get his shots in. I liked the finish as it made Roman look strong by punching out Braum for the countout, but made Strowman look strong as it took a lot to take him out, and he only lost via countout, not pinfall/submission, plus it would have been predictable to have Braum win via his bear hug move, or have Reigns through spears and punches for a pin, so I liked what they did hear, both men come out looking strong.

Verdict: ***

| Rusev vs. Ryback |

A solid enough big guy match, for the short time given. Both men getting some offence and some hard hits, but Ryback prevails and marches onwards to HIAC on top. Now the post match I thought was going to be a shitty Summer Rae speech to further long this crap storyline. But no, looks like WWE are simply dropping it, Rae shows the TMZ article of Rusev and Lana’s engagement, roasts Rusev quite well, slaps him and walks away. Does make Rusev look a bit weak being reduced to a whipped boy, but at least this awful storyline is over, and Rusev can hopefully move on to better things.

Verdict: **

| Kalisto vs. Kevin Owens |

I will say this, it’s weird they book Owens to be this “Prize Fighter” yet he still wrestles weekly on RAW and SD, surely if this is the gimmick they want with him, he should be wrestling mostly on PPVs and stick to promos on free TV. Anyways, much like his match with Sin Cara last week, the match was good. Owens knows how to work with high flyers and this was no exception, Kalisto looked good showing some great moves, and Owens did great mocking The Lucha Dragons and actually winning clean. Looks like WWE kept him Ryback separate tonight which is good as I don’t want Owens running away from Ryback, he needs to be booked properly in that regard, not a coward, but a strong champion, sure be a prize fighter, but prize fighters don’t run away like Owens has been.

Verdict: ***

| Charlotte/Becky Lynch vs. Brie Bella/Alicia Fox |

Well, you can’t have RAW without a fucking Divas tag match can you. This was a mixed bag, the match was short (shock) but the stuff in the ring was good, but with Paige and Natalya at ringside, you knew it wasn’t going to be about the match. I normally have commentary muted for RAW, thank god I did as I didn’t want to hear Paige. A lot of shots were on Paige and Natalya and they have a little confrontation which ultimately results in Brie winning with a nice dropkick from the second rope. The match was decent all around, but could have been a bit better if it was about the match at hand, and not the people at ringside. Also, Charlotte gets pinned again, nice Divas Champion booking oh, and she’s yet to defend the title since winning it, where’s the outcry of her not defending it? Oh wait, the AJ Lee fan girls don’t care anymore, FUCK. YOU!

Verdict: **

| Kane vs. Seth Rollins – Lumberjack Match |

Well corporate Kane informs Rollins he won’t be facing him tonight but will find a suitable replacement, in comes Demon Kane! Also LOVED The New Day dancing during Rollins intro, so funny. Big Show being confusing as ever, saying Rollins is funny when asking for help, then helps him… WWE, why? Overall the match was a bit of a mess, with all the lumberjacks, but still had some good moments for a RAW main event. Kane pins Rollins which makes thing interesting going into HIAC. I still feel either man can walk out champion that night, we’ll just have to see.

Verdict: ***

Overall this week RAW was pretty good, with every match being decent to great, and the only bad parts of the show being, the ending to Cena Ziggler and the crap booking/focus of the Divas tag match. Most matches served a purpose of making people look strong/continuing storylines and nothing felt like awful filler which is rare for RAW. Not much in the ways of stand alone promos that didn’t turn into matches, but that’s ok by me.

Show Rating: 7/10

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