WWE NXT (October 14) Review: New #1 Contender

It’s time! It’s time! It’s NXT time! I am Ryan Davis, leader of the pack, owner of KOW Empire, here with a WWE NXT review. Going forward, I’ll be reviewing NXT due to the fact that almost nobody reads my Superstars reviews and because NXT is show that should always be reviewed on this website.

|We Celebrate On Wednesday Nights, Maggle! |

NXT Women’s champion Bayley kicks off the show with a celebration of her win last week against Sasha Banks. Before Bayley begins to talk, the crowd starts a “Match of the Year” chant. Guys, stop. Seriously stop. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy that Ironman match that much at all. The only thing I got a kick out of were a couple spots and that’s about it. The actual wrestling seemed a bit sloppy and slow. Yes, I know it was an Ironman match so they have to slow things down, but they slowed things down to the point where I got bored watching it. Not Match of the Year contender in my opinion.

I can’t get too much into Bayley, man. Bayley isn’t an outstanding worker to me, her promos aren’t very good nor intriguing, she’s a gimmick to me thus far. I really do hope that changes soon, but right now, I cannot get onto this Bayley train.

Blah blah blah I respect Sasha blah blah blah main eventing was my dream blah blah Women’s wrestling blah blah. This promo was slow and pretty boring. Didn’t care for it much at all.

This promo was going down the toilet until BAM!!!! DUBSTEP BUAHBUAHBUAHBUAHBUAHBUAHBUAHBUAH, it’s Alexa Bliss… and Buddy Murphy… and Wesley Blake!! BAMF!!!

Bliss came out and began a very white-meat babyface promo congratulating Bayley on her win and that she’s happy to be in the division with her. Bliss raises Bayley’s arm as the crowd cheers… then Bliss snatches the Women’s title away and hides behind Blake and Murphy.

Bliss says people like Bayley aren’t meant to be champion and that she is going to win the championship.

Bliss saved this segment, but she can work on her timing a bit. I will put most of the blame on the crowd because they interrupted her a couple times, but the one thing Alexa should focus on improving is timing in her promos. Other than that, this was a pretty decent segment once BAMF saved it.

| The Vaudevillians vs. Dawkins/Fulton |

Pretty solid match. Nothing much to note here. Dawkins and Fulton aren’t too shabby at all either, easy watch. It’s not a match I’d recommend watching, but if you come across it, doesn’t hurt to watch.

Verdict: **

| Evie vs. Nia Jax |

This is incredibly stupid. One of my top pet-peeves in professional wrestling is when a wrestler just has a first name. Now, I’m not always against one names. I’m perfectly fine with names that aren’t meant to have a last name or are gimmicks. Names like “Ricochet” that aren’t meant to have one or “Kane” and such, but it irritates me when wrestlers have normal first names but no last name. It’s very popular with females which includes Evie. Really? You couldn’t have given us a last name?

Nia Jax… this woman is big. NOTHING wrong with that, but she is a big woman. She could be a possible Awesome Kong like persona, but Nia, I know you aren’t reading this, but Nia, you can’t be WWE’s Awesome Kong with that theme song. Just saying.

Alright so the match, it was short, as you probably guessed. I do think it went a little longer than it should.

Nia doesn’t deserve the hate she’s already getting, she has the basics down. She knows how to work with the camera and she did interact with the crowd a bit which I liked since this is her first match. Her facial expressions during her submission especially weren’t that bad at all. Her finisher is basically a Rock Bottom, it really is.

Nia did leave me confused on her debut though. During her entrance, she was smiling like she was genuinely happy. Add that with the pop music and I thought she was a babyface. But during the match, she was no doubt a heel. I hope things get cleared up within the next couple weeks because those were mixed signals.

Verdict: **

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| NXT Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal |

All the stars were in this match. We got Rhyno, Corbin, Joe, Gargano, Breeze, Crews…… and Zack Ryder.

This was a good battle royal  and was pretty entertaining. Tag teams did play a pretty vital part in this(Corbin/Rhyno, Blake/Murphy, Hype Bros, etc).

One thing that I do not get whatsoever is Ciampa’s elimination. It was the final 10 or 8, somewhere around there and they cut to a WWE Shop/Austin Podcast commercial. When we came back, Ciampa was eliminated. Why did we miss an elimination on a show on a network that doesn’t even need commercials???

Meet your final four: Samoa Joe, Apollo Crews, Tyler Breeze, and Baron Corbin.

Meet your final three: Samoa Joe, Apollo Crews, and Baron Corbin.

Meet your final two: Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin

I don’t want to spoil the result of this match… at least not on this review.

Verdict: ***

Overall, this was a pretty good show. We saw the Tag Team champions in action, a new program for the Women’s title, a debut, and saw a new #1 Contender. I recommend watching this episode.

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