WWE Monday Night Raw (October 26) Review

| Opening Segment |

We kick off RAW with The Authority coming out talking about last night’s HIAC PPV and mentioning the biggest win of the night going to Seth Rollins. With that they bring him out and talk about how every superstar they’ve put in front of him, he’s taken out and now superstars will have earn the privilege of facing Seth for the title. HHH then announces that tonight a series of matches will take place accumulating with a fatal 4 way match to determine the new number 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Right after Roman Reigns comes out to talk of how he will be the number 1 contender and take the title away from him, which transitions into the first match. Overall the segment was okay, it did what it needed to, recap HIAC, announce a number 1 contenders tournament and have the tease of Seth vs Reigns.

| Roman Reigns vs. Kofi Kingston |

As usual The New Day cut a nice promo before the match, it wasn’t drawn out, it was just right in length and funny lines, the crowd are starting to cheer The New Day as faces, not all of them, but I expect a face New Day in 2016. The match itself was really good, Kofi looked great in this match, really kept up with Roman. Big.E was great just being a grade A ass at ringside, Roman Reigns picks up the victory as expected and moves on, but can’t take away anything from Kofi, really good showing.

Verdict: ***

| Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens |

Revisiting two guys who have great chemistry and had a nice match at Summerslam for the second qualifying match. Another good match between these two, these guys couldn’t have a bad match with each other if they tried. Cesaro looked fantastic, so many awesome spots by him, how is he still dwelling in the mid card with talent like that. Owens looked good as well, got moves off when he needed to and was more calculating than being a coward, especially with the ending of the match, baiting Cesaro into the roped, but no cheap eye poke. Good win for Kevin Owens but sadly, I think we all know who’s going over in the 4 way.

Verdict: ***½

| Team PCB Backstage |

UGH, just… UGH. This segment went on long enough that counts as a part of the show to review but jesus was this segment was awful. Paige talking about how she “started the revolution” but then quickly sucks up to Charlotte, with Charlotte talking about consequences if Paige was the one who attacked Natalya. Honestly all three just looked like a group of schoolgirls with petty arguing but still hang around each other. Becky is just there, like, she’s the most talented of the three yet she just kinda exists and does nothing else, wouldn’t be shocked if she’s the one who attacked Natalya to turn her heel. This segment shows how Charlotte is MUCH better as a heel, Charlotte face just seems so… bland and with no depth to it.

| Team PCB vs. Team Bella |

Usual divas tag joke here. Ok, the match itself was decent, certainly better than most we’ve seen. Charlotte got a lot of action and looked good, as did Brie Bella. During the match thankfully there was no PCB problems they worked as a unit but shame to see Becky eating the pinfall, but then I guess they’re building to her snapping and turning heel. Charlotte back to losing matches after retaining her title, solid booking WWE. Post match, well we knew this would happen, Paige wrecking Becky and Charlotte which ultimately made this all, POINTLESS, should have been Team B.A.D vs Team Bella instead.

Verdict: **3/4

| Alberto Del Rio vs. Neville |

MexAmericans is a stupid name, just saying. Besides that, another great match in the number 1 contender series. These two gel so well together, I feel WWE still haven’t given Del Rio a full on face or heel persona and letting the WWE accept and get use to him being back, which I like. The match was very physical, the lucha and high flying styles clashing here, both men looked great, and I’m impressed Del Rio has fit right back in with the WWE universe and style. Del Rio going over was the right choice, outside of Roman Reigns I’d say Del Rio is the person to win the fatal 4 way to continue his push.

Verdict: ***3/4

| Ryback & The Dudleyz vs. Sheamus, Rusev, and King Barrett |

I have to say, I’m starting to like this team of Barret, Sheamus and Rusev, their style is just brute force strength and I like it. Pretty much this match was the losers from last night squaring off, but it was still a good match, a lot of Sheamus and Barret action whilst Rusev was more reserved. Dudleyz looked good and Ryback did his part, I loved the finish of Bubba telling Devon and Ryback to get the tables only for Barret to roll up Bubba and steal the win. Great heel move without it feeling cheap. Good win for the International Heel Crew ™.

Verdict: ***

| Bray Wyatt Segment |

When Bray is given the right material, he is a GOD on the mic. This was a clinic on how to draw heat (even if the crowd were being twats and chanting “WHAT?!”) Bray explaining that he’s tasted The Undertaker’s soul and now he’s addicted and wants more, then asking everyone to spare a moment of silence for Taker’s soul which has rest in peace. Kane then arriving but is ambushed by the entire Wyatt family and a repeat of last night’s assault happens but of course it’s to Kane this time. Overall a great segment, building towards Brothers of Destruction vs The Wyatt Family, but just trying to piece it all together, but still an awesome segment.

| Big E vs. Dolph Ziggler |

Two old allies squaring off, but a twist, my boy Tyler Breeze comes to ringside with Summer Rae, Tyler at ringside added a nice touch of psychology to the match. Overall all 4 qualifying matches were great, this one surprising me the most as I wasn’t expecting this match to be as good as it was. I feel these matches were WWE giving the talent they haven’t been using much a time to shine. Both Dolph and Big E. looked great, very stiff contest much like Neville and Del Rio the clash of styles coming into play. I like how Tyler was only there to scout out Ziggler to see how he wrestles and didn’t get involved, was a good move on WWE’s part booking wise. Ziggler makes it in as the 4th and final guy in the main event.

Verdict: ***1/2

| Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Roman Reigns – WWE World Heavyweight Title #1 Contender’s Match |

I liked Seth Rollins on commentary, the right amount of cocky heel quotes but also acting like a commentator and not just being an ass or feeling like it was pointless having him there. Now this was a damn good main event, great match, all 4 men looked great and all 4 felt important to the match. Honestly Roman was downplayed the most until near the end but still looked good. Del Rio and Owens stole the show, they had some awesome moments and the end sequence was very well done. Yeah the predictable winner of Roman Reigns was a bit of a let down as I hoped they would surprise us, but I feel Roman isn’t going to go over just yet, so I’m ok with him winning, I feel 2016 should be his year of being champ, let Rollins hold onto the title for a bit longer and try and redeem what has been, not the best booked title reign ever.

Verdict: ****

Overall RAW was very good, most of the matches got the crowd fired up and chanting “This is awesome” which is rare. Every match served some purpose whether good or bad and nothing felt like filler which again is rare for RAW. Great match quality overall with the right amount of promos and backstage segments, check out this RAW, definitely worth the watch, which isn’t something I don’t I’ve said yet for these reviews.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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