WWE Superstars 10/30/15 Review – Episode 342

It’s WWE Superstars! Episode 342 is here! Will the apparent rivalry for the right to be the “Face of Superstars” between Jack Swagger and Bo Dallas continue? You’ll have to read to find out!


World Wrestling Entertainment

Release Date: October 30, 2015

Oh God……… Oh God…….. OH GOD!!!!!!

| Kalisto vs. Viktor |

Wait, never mind. This was actually a pretty decent match. This was either Viktor kicking Kalisto’s ass or Kalisto flipping and jumping all around the ring.

This was a quick, fun match between these two. I do not regret watching it which is saying something that involves The Ascension.

Winner: That cool mask guy

Verdict: **


MY BOY Bo Dallas faces off against Fandango.

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| Bo Dallas vs. Fandango |

Oh yeah, Fandango’s a face… right.

Bo has put on a little weight. It’s weird I just kept looking at it. Was it always there or did he eat a lot at his wedding? I don’t know, Bo’s still fucking awesome though. Weight does not matter(I’m looking at you, Owens haters who say he’s terrible just because of his weight).

This crowd was weird, they popped and cheered for both guys when they had the upper hand in this match. I’m not sure if they’re fans of both of them or the crowd themselves know this match doesn’t mean anything so they just pop for anything.

These guys actually got time. WWE actually gave these guys a decent amount of time for this match, I like that a lot. That’s the one thing that angers me about Superstars, it’s nearly a 1 hour show(around 50 minutes) that has only 2 matches, but most of the matches are cut down to about 5-6 minutes and then they just recap Raw for the remainder of the time.

If you have some free time, go watch this match.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Verdict: **1/2

This was a fairly decent show I have to say. The first match was pretty solid and the second match surely exceeded my expectations.

Show Verdict: 6/10


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