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Welcome to Ryan Davis Productions Radio. RDP Radio is a 24 hour internet radio station broadcasting programs dedicated to discussing professional wrestling.


When you dive into the RDP Radio stream, expect to listen to an older episode of a show, a new one that’s airing, or a programming break that features multiple pro wrestling theme songs.


RDP Radio hosts various shows both running and archived:

  • Wrestling Is Fake Podcast: Wrestling is fake, but it’s great, so let’s talk about it! Join Ryan as he discusses his favorite and most hated topics in pro wrestling.
    • Host: Ryan Davis
    • Status: Currently Running (New Episodes – Sundays 12PM PST)
  • The Shoot Wrestling Podcast: Revival: TSWPR is the resurrection of Ryan Davis’ first show, The Shoot Wrestling Podcast. Dylan Osborn shoots on whatever he pleases when it comes to professional wrestling.
    • Host: Dylan Osborn
    • Status: Currently Running (New Episodes – Saturdays 12PM PST)
  • The Shoot Wrestling Podcast: TSWP was Ryan Davis’ first show that ran 35 episodes, giving listeners updates on the world of professional wrestling.
    • Host: Ryan Davis
    • Status: Archive
  • Hailmaker Wrestling Podcast: HWP was a short-lived program hosted by Ryan Davis that included updates in wrestling with a number of skits and sketches.
    • Host: Ryan Davis
    • Status: Archive


In addition to the shows above, when you listen to RDP Radio, you gain access to exclusive content that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet including:

  • Ryan Davis’ Show
    • Host: Ryan Davis
  • That’s What I Call Lucha: A Lucha Underground review show highlighting what is called one of the best wrestling shows on television.
    • Host: ZBestInTheWorld
  • RAW Rewind: A WWE Monday Night RAW review show.
    • Host: Dylan Osborn
  • Lay The SmackDown: A WWE Thursday Night SmackDown review show.
    • Host: Eric Nadas
  • This Is NXT: Easily on of the most unsuccessful shows produced by RDP, the NXT review show went through 3 different hosts in less than 10 episodes.
    • Host: Ryan Davis; Richard Harris; Ameer Y2J
  • Ringside Chat Live: Dubbed as the “Saturday Night Live” of wrestling podcasts, RCL is under production of its first season, but the pilot episode is available for streaming.
    • Starring: Ryan Davis
    • Featuring: Richard Harris, Dylan Osborn, ZBestInTheWorld
  • RDP Reality Show: Also known as “This Is KOW Radio,” go behind the scenes of a wrestling podcast network in this audio reality show.
    • Starring: Ryan Davis, Dylan Osborn, Richard Harris, ZBestInTheWorld
  • Lee’s Fave Five: The network-famous podcast episode that is truly legendary – for better or for worse. The 1 and only episode of the show has no lack of things to enjoy.
    • Host: Trey Lee
  • PLUS MORE: There’s so much more coming to RDP Radio to name including obscene episodes, clips, network specials, and more!